Monday, September 15 – Wednesday, September 17

Dunno about this pace …

These were a very busy three days. To say the least.  Monday’s worksite was the one that tends to be the hardest of the seven on my rotation.  While that isn’t always true, there are exceptions from time to time, it was definitely the case on Monday.  I worked pretty much nonstop until 45 minutes past normal quitting time, skipping the normal morning break and taking maybe ten minutes for lunch.  I seemed to be hustling around nonstop for most of the day.

Still, at least I had something to look forward to, as in the late afternoon we got the train into Manhattan for a shopping excursion at Jacques Torres Chocolates on Hudson Street. Best chocolates anywhere, way ahead of Godiva.  We got the 4:11 from Ronkonkoma to Penn Station, returning on the 8:15.  It was surprising to see how crowded both of the trains got, and it was very dismaying to realize that each round-trip ticket (and keep in mind they were off-peak) cost an obscene $30.50.  But hey, the chocolates were worth it, as was the very nice pizza we had at Pizza Mezzaluna on Houston Street.

Tuesday continued with the theme of tough workdays.  The site, about ten miles to the east, usually isn’t a bad one, but today was an exception.  It was basically a Murphy’s Law situation when everything possible went wrong.  I stayed about an hour longer than usual.  On a better note, I found out that the next two-week cycle will be much less hectic than the current one, which is good because I will be working a whole lot of hours (25 and 24) each week at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  If my regular job were as tough as it has been, putting in that many hours at the MHIR would push my total workweek nearly to 60 hours. By the time I finally finished, I was so worn out that going to the gym wasn’t even a remote possibility. I think it’s best to consider this week as an occasional rest week.

My regular job wasn’t too bad on Wednesday.  I was at the worksite where I’m scheduled for two days, so I can spread out my tasks. I worked at the MHIR from 7 to 11 in the evening.  It was a pretty varied shift, in terms of the things I did, and even though the store wasn’t too busy I was the sole staff member in the garden department so there always were customers needing attention.

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