Monday, September 22 – Wednesday, September 24

Ecstasy to agony to ecstacy

All that pretty much sums up the course of these three days at my main job.  I started a new two-week workcycle on Monday, and while it initially looked a bit daunting everything went just fine.  It was a big volume of work but went very smoothly.  In fact, I was able to finish it all by my normal quitting time despite the big volume.  That’s a pretty decent accomplishment on the first day of a cycle.  Later than evening I worked from 7 to 11 at the Major Home Improvement Retailer and even though it was a fairly difficult shift, with all sorts of freight to be packed out and displays to be moved, thanks to the easy first part of the day I had no trouble making it through the shift.


Tuesday was as unlike Monday as it’s possible for two days to be.  I was not at the usual second-day-of-the-cycle site, due to operational concerns, but at the one I normally go to on the Tuesday of the cycle’s second week.  In most cases that wouldn’t matter, but given what I was to encounter it made a difference – had I been more used to the workflow of this cycle I might have had an easier time of it.  As it was, the complete disorganization I encountered made my work immensely more difficult than it should have been.  Even with taking hardly any lunch break I had to work almost two hours beyond my usual time.  By the time I finished, I was so exhausted and drained – both mentally and physically – that my plans to go to the gym for the first time in way too long had to be scuttled.  I was not happy. At least I didn’t have to work at the MHIR that evening, I really don’t know how I could have managed it.

Thankfully, things were much better on Wednesday.  Everything was organized the way it should have been and I was able to complete my work with no trouble at all.  In fact, I was so un-drained that I planned to go to hot yoga in the evening … unfortunately my aching feet put the kibosh on that idea.

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