Saturday, October 4 – Sunday, October 5

Yep.  Another non-weekend “weekend,” most of which I spent working at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Each day was an eight-hour shift, 8 to 4:30 on Saturday and a ghastly 7 to 3:30 on Sunday. Going into work at 7 on a Sunday morning, really?

If there was a saving grace, it was that both shifts went by pretty quickly.  As it was raining most of Saturday, and there weren’t many customers in the garden department, the department head let me spend a few hours doing training on the computer.  I’ve got a lot of ground to cover by the end of the year, in order to become fully certified in the department, and while that may seem like a long way off it really isn’t.  In addition, I’ve also decided to get trained in operating the forklift and the reach (a smaller, electric-powered forklift), and that will take additional time.  So I ended up spending a decent chunk of my shift delving into power washers, generators, and roofing.  The last of those is actually within the scope of the lumber department, but because shingles and other supplies are stored in the outside garden area I am expected to have some familiarity with them.

Sunday was as pleasant as Saturday was gloomy, and the customers came out in droves.  I was running around the store seemingly nonstop.  In particular, I was helping people who were in search of wood pellet fuel, an increasingly scarce commodity.  Eighty-eight pallets (four truckloads) arrived on Thursday of last week, and by the end of my shift on Sunday afternoon fewer than ten remained.  From what I’ve heard, not only are the manufacturers hard-pressed to keep up with demand, but it’s also difficult to find enough truck drivers to make deliveries.


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