Wednesday, October 15 – Friday, October 17

An easier return than expected, and in more than one way

After all the driving I had done over the past two days, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the fact that I would be working at both jobs on Wednesday, my regular job from 7 am to 3 pm or so and then the Major Home Improvement Retailer from 7 to 11.  Would my energy stores have empty shelves? Fortunately, while I may not have had a great deal of energy, the workday was much easier than I had expected/feared.  I had completely forgotten that my regular job would be at my rotation’s two-day worksite.  That meant a slow pace, not much in the line of pressure, and the ability to leave about an hour earlier than usual.  Yay.  As for the MHIR shift, a large amount of Christmas merchandise had been delivered earlier in the day and much of my time was spent moving pallets around with a pallet jack.  Not the most thrilling work, but it wasn’t too bad, not being particularly exhausting (most of the pallets were quite light) or dirty.  Before I knew it the shift was over.

Thursday at my regular job was even easier than Wednesday had been. I also found out that the year’s remaining work cycles should all be pretty easy.  That’s a relief.  Later in the day I finally made it back to the gym for the first time in an eternity.  Rather than do weights, that would wait until the next day, I decided to burn off some calories.  I ellipted for 20 minutes at a fast pace, did an 8-minute video racecourse on a stationary cycle, and then finished with 12 minutes on another cycle, for a total of 40 minutes.

Friday was my day off, and also was the day for my much-dreaded DMV trip so I could switch the car registration.  I was fully prepared for a hideous, hours-long experience.  After driving to the insurance agent a couple towns away to get a new ID card, I crossed the threshold of the DMV office  – and had a VASTLY easier experience than I ever would have dared hope for.  It was less crowded than I’ve ever seen any DMV office anywhere.  I was in and out in less than 20 minutes, and while the workers may not have been pleasant they were at least efficient and business-like.  It was mind-boggling. Later in the day I did some bench pressing and shoulder work at the gym, but for some reason – possibly my state of ecstasy over the DMV experience – I didn’t keep track of what I did.  It wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy, however.

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