Monday, October 20 – Wednesday, October 22

My prediction was correct

Yep, I was right.  Last week I was fairly sure that the next two-week cycle at my main job would be easy.  On Monday, when I started the cycle, that expectation was confirmed.  While the tasks I’m doing aren’t what I’d call scintillating (not that they ever are), they were pretty easy.  Even though it was the first day of a cycle, when things are always more complicated, and I was at one of the busier worksites, I was able to finish right on time.  Most often I stay an extra half-hour or more on the first day.  Tuesday and Wednesday continued with that theme.  I was expecting Tuesday to be easy, as the worksite is one of the smaller ones, but Wednesday’s site is usually more of a challenge.  Not this week.

No work at the Major Home Improvement Retailer during the week, in fact for the next three weeks I’ll be working exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays.  Not sure if that’s actually a good thing.  If I’m going to work 16 hours a week, which seems to be the normal pattern, rather than work eight hours on both Saturday and Sunday I’d rather work a couple of four-hour shifts on weeknights and eight hours on either Saturday or Sunday.  Or maybe one weeknight shift and then just four hours on one of the weekend days.  As I’m done with my regular job by 3pm I have ample time to do a four-hour weekday shift.  Whatever the case, I would imagine that there are seasonal factors behind this scheduling, and that at some point it will change.  And if not desirable it’s at least fully tolerable.

When I went to the gym on Monday evening I decided that for the next couple of weeks I’m going to concentrate on weight-loss exercise (I hate the term “cardio”) rather than weights. I haven’t gained any weight in the last few years but I’d like to drop maybe 15 or 20 pounds.  I started out on a variety of elliptical in which the motion is more up-and-down than back-and-forth.  Whatever the contraption is called, it was tough.  I spent an exhausting 12 minutes on it, which felt more like an hour.  Next came a 10-minute course on the stationary bike that has the screen projection showing your route.  Corny, but a nice touch.  I finished with 20 minutes on a standard elliptical, which after the first one was really easy.
Tuesday evening it was off to hot yoga.  The instructor was one I’ve never had before, and although she was a bit heavier on the metaphysical aspects than some others I found her quite good.  We did a variety of positions that I’ve done only rarely, which made for a nice break.  While it would be an exaggeration to say that the session was a breeze, I made it through more or less intact.  Wednesday was an evening off.

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