Saturday, October 25 – Sunday, October 26

Bright (sort of) and early on Saturday morning I headed off to the Major Home Improvement Retailer for my much-dreaded shift in the plumbing department. To say that I was intimidated would be a great understatement.  Knowing next to nothing about plumbing, would I be a bumbling idiot? Especially since it was a weekend day, when many DIY types come in and often need advice. Advice I was most assuredly not qualified to provide.

It wasn’t as bad as I feared. An experienced employee gave me a 20-minute rundown when I first arrived,  showing me where things were located and going over some of the more common questions. That helped me a great deal. Many of the questions I got from customers actually involved the adjacent kitchen and bath department, about which I know quite a bit more.  And there usually was another person on duty in plumbing who could help me when necessary. There were some stumbles, but I survived.

Sunday’s shift was quite different.  I spent eight hours as the greeter,  saying “Welcome to [the Major Home Improvement Retailer]” to arriving customers. It wasn’t as mind-numbing as it might seem. It was nice interacting with people, and every so often I would show people where things were located and would be able to get away from the door a bit. True, it started to get tedious after several hours,  and all that standing was no treat for my feet, but all in all it was one of my better shifts.

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