Thursday, October 30 – Friday, October 31

Yoga progress

Thursday was basically a big nothing of a day at my main job. It was the second day at the same worksite, and there was hardly anything to do. I was able to dredge up enough tasks to keep myself moderately busy until I could make my escape (so to speak) in the early afternoon.  I’ll actually be back at this same site for a couple of days next week,  though there will be a new set of tasks.

Thursday evening it was off to hot yoga, for what turned out to be a very good session. My endurance was fine, I made it through the entire 90 minutes without having to take any breaks, and my flexibility was way improved over last time. On a couple of exercises I was able to push farther than ever. I’m really hoping I can keep this up for next time.

Friday was my day off and I didn’t do much of consequence for most of the day. The exception was in the early evening,  when I made a quick drive into Queens. On the way there I encountered no unusually heavy traffic on the Long Island Expressway, except for a short stretch around Glen Cove Road, and the Grand Central Parkway was moving pretty well too. On my return trip rush hour had mostly wound down, so except right in Queens I had no traffic woes.

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