Monday, November 10 – Tuesday, November 11

An unusual evening shift

Monday was a slightly different day at my regular job.  An early morning text from the district manager rerouted me from my scheduled worksite to one that’s not on my current rotation.  I had last been there over six months ago. It’s conveniently close, and always had been a decent one, so the change was not unwelcome.  In the evening I briefly entertained thoughts of the gym, or hot yoga,  but was too lazy.

Tuesday was my first two-job day in a few weeks,  with my regular job followed by a 6 to 10 shift at the MHIR. The regular job was at a worksite about 10 miles to the east, the least favorite one on my current rotation and one which unfortunately may be on my new rotation in January. Each time I’m there something always seems to complicate things. To my pleasant surprise everything went fine. Will wonders ever cease?

My MHIR shift wasn’t what I had been expecting. A company executive was scheduled to do an inspection tour of the hardware department on Wednesday, and I was assigned to straighten things out in two of the aisles. A harder task than it might seem,  as one of the aisles was for nails and fasteners,  which meant there were huge numbers of items. Still, I did what seemed to be a good job. As usual I waited on some customers, and scheduled a service estimate for one of them, using some of Sunday’s training.

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