Saturday, November 8 – Sunday, November 9

Another weekend, another two days spent at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Neither one was a full 8-hour day, a factoid which will of course be reflected in my next paycheck.  Fortunately I’ll be working more hours the following week.

On Saturday I worked 9:30 to 4:30 and spent most of the time shelving countless boxes of  Christmas decorations. It looked as if we’d never find enough space in the overhead bays, but somehow it worked out. Fortunately there was an electric lift platform for me to use. It saved many trips up and down a rolling ladder. At one point I had to cut some boards for the bottom of an overhead bay, the first time I’ve used the power saw in the lumber department in many months. Oh, in the midst of all this I was helping customers. It was such a busy shift that it went by in a flash.

On Sunday, I did something very unusual: I actually went to the gym in the morning.  Only on very rare occasions do I ever engage in any exercise before mid-afternoon at the earliest.  The thing is, I really had to go, and as I working at the MHIR from noon to 6 I wouldn’t be able to go afterwards. I did bench presses: 6 × 135, 6 × 165,  6 × 185, 6 × 205, 2 × 4 × 225, 8 × 185. Not bad. Then came overhead presses, 4 × 8 × 90. Hey, maybe morning exercises aren’t so bad.

As for the MHIR shift, it was quite the change from the prior day. I had quite a bit of computer training due within the next several weeks, and the department manager had me spend the entire six hours in the training room. Six hours of online training is a lot, believe me. I delved into such topics as power washers, scheduling in-home service estimates,  Honda lawnmowers,  underground drainage systems, data security, organic pest control,  and other things I’ve already forgotten. It left my brain fried, but at least my training is close to being back on schedule.

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