Wednesday, November 19 -Friday, November 21

Traffic follies

Wednesday and Thursday were the last two days at my regular job prior to the week off for Thanksgiving.  Based on how absurdly easy the first two days of the week had been I wasn’t expecting any challenges.  I actually was wrong, at least as far as Wednesday went. It was a nearby work site that’s usually easy enough,  but this time there seemed to be one complication after another.  Nothing I couldn’t handle, just time consuming.  In sharp contrast to Monday and Tuesday, when I finished up very early and had to find other things to occupy myself, I actually left shortly after my usual quitting time.  Thursday was very easy, which is just as well as I was at the most distant of my work sites, about 30 miles to the east.

Wednesday evening I worked a four-hour shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  It was my first weekday evening shift in about three weeks, not counting the shift in which I was reassigned to hardware.  It was pretty different from my usual weekend shifts as after the first 30 minutes I was the only employee in the garden department.  Weekend staffing is greater.  While the store wasn’t really crowded, it was busy enough that I really had to rush around for much of the shift. The garden department’s physical size, with indoor and outdoor areas as well as a greenhouse,  meant that I had a lot of ground to cover.

I was figuring that I’d go to the gym or maybe hot yoga on Thursday, but I got lazy. Okay, Friday then. After doing not much of anything all day I found out around 3:30 that I had to make a quick drive into Queens. No big deal, I could complete the round trip in less than three hours and have plenty of time for the gym.

How wrong I was. The drive into Queens,  which normally would take me just over an hour,  took more than two and a half hours. Even though I was going against the main flow of rush hour traffic the Long Island Expressway and the Grand Central Parkway were absolutely jammed. All I can think of in terms of an explanation is that falling gasoline prices are encouraging people to do more driving. Whatever the reason it was after nine by the time I got back. Normally I still would have had time for the gym, but we went to a birthday dinner at a Korean barbecue (in the process exhausting my repertoire of dog meat jokes). It was quite good, but rather expensive.

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