Monday, November 24 – Tuesday, November 26

And I’m supposed to do what? 

One downside of working two jobs is that it’s hard to find ways to occupy myself when I’m not working. That’s exactly what happened to me on Monday and Tuesday. I have the week off at my regular job, and I wasn’t scheduled at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, so combined with Sunday this meant three days in a row completely off. I haven’t had that state of affairs since I went to Florida in early October,  and that really wasn’t the same thing.

It would be nice to say that I found productive ways to occupy myself, but that would be a partial exaggeration.  Monday I just sort of diddled around without doing much of anything.  Tuesday was a step up. I bought most of the stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. This included a nice big turkey, as well as … actually there was no turkey, no one really likes it and we are having roast leg of lamb instead.

Wednesday was much busier.  I went to Briermere Farms in Riverhead to get one of there best-anywhere pies. It was, not surprisingly,  jammed, with long lines. I had wanted to get a boysenberry pie but they were sold out of that and most other varieties.  I was able to find apricot, which actually works out well because it’s one of my favorites.

Later on Wednesday I worked a 4:30 to 8:30 shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  It was a busy four hours, with more customers than I would have expected for Thanksgiving eve, and a considerable amount of prep work for Black Friday. Speaking of which, I saw the schedule for Black Friday and it seemed like I was one of the very few people not scheduled for that day. Presumably that’s because I hadn’t updated my availability to show that I would be available that day. I am working Saturday and Sunday, as well as a lot of hours over the next two weeks. Oh,  and I finally got to cut the base of a tree (two, actually) with the chainsaw.

I went to the gym on Tuesday evening for some upper body work. Bench press: 6 × 135, 6 × 165, 6 × 185, 6 × 205,  5 × 225, 3 × 225. Three times people asked me if I was almost done. Unique Fitness has only two flat bench stations, which is way too few. I then did overhead presses, 4 × 8 × 90.  On Wednesday morning I returned for a quick session.  Dips: 4 × 6 x bodyweight.  EZ curls : 8 × 70, 3 × 8 × 80.

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