Thursday, December 4 – Sunday, December 7

Trees, trees, and more trees

Thursday marked the last day of the year at my main job, not counting the week of the 8th with its special clean up work. I had another talk with a manager about the full-time managerial opening. What I heard only reinforced my decision not to seek it. In addition to the drawbacks I’ve already noted, the job has a strange combination of significant responsibility with limited authority. Thanks, but no thanks. The workday itself went by easily enough.

Later on Thursday I worked the 4:30 – 8:30 shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Once again I was assigned to the Christmas tree lot. There was what I’d describe as a steady flow of tree buyers, enough to keep me busy but for the most part not overwhelming. The one downside is that there was only one other employee on duty in garden, and she was quite busy with the indoor decorations and lights. Still, she was able to come out and assist me a couple times, for that I was grateful.

Friday was ostensibly my day off, but it scarcely counted as such as I was constantly running back and forth on errands. No rest for the weary. Still it beat work, though ironically enough I was not completely free of Christmas trees: we went to a cut-your-own tree farm and got a relatively small but nicely shaped Douglas fir,

Trees returned with a vengeance on Saturday and Sunday. okay, maybe “returned” is the wrong word as they never actually went away. I worked a full shift at the MHIR both days, 1:00 – 9:30 on Saturday and 10:30 – 7:00 on Sunday. As it was raining heavily all Saturday I wasn’t expecting there to be many tree buyers, and in fact had been half-expecting my shift to be canceled. To my surprise there actually were quite a few tree customers, maybe three or four each hour. Not enough to keep me occupied at all times, so I helped inside on freight packdown and waited on customers.

Sunday, you ask? Suffice to say that the tree buyers were out in full force. I worked nonstop on trees for almost my entire shift. Tying trees on top of customer vehicles was the hardest part. My pet peeve is people who have large SUV’s that could carry the trees inside, but want them on top because otherwise they’d have to vacuum up needles. Tying a tree on top of a high vehicle is NOT fun. At least I got some nice tips, and except on a couple occasions there were several people on duty in the tree lot.

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