Monday, December 8 – Wednesday, December 10

Rain, snow, it’s hard either way


And so begtoon my last week at my regular job before the 3-week year end’s break. I still don’t know where my work sites will be when I come back in January. In a way it doesn’t matter, as they’re all reasonably close and don’t differ that much in terms of difficulty, but the sooner I know the better. I will find out either by telephone or e-mail.

I spent each day at two sites, which I had grouped so as to minimize travel time. It hardly was necessary to do so, as the work was very easy. With one fairly minor exception I was able to finish up in about two hours at each site. Things should be quite different in January, with two days to be spent at each site (and with more to do).

While I spent Monday evening mostly recovering from my hard weekend at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, I went right back on Tuesday and Wednesday. Each one was a 4:30 – 10:00 shift. That’s a tough shift not only because of its length, but also because as a “closer” I had to clean up the garden department after the store closed to customers at 9. What’s more, after 7 each day I was the only employee in garden. I had to cover not just the tree lot but the remaining parts of the department both inside and out. Not easy, believe me.

As for the trees, Tuesday’s heavy rain meant that there weren’t too many customers, but also ensured that I got thoroughly soaked whenever I waited on one. I kept running back to the inside area, where there was a great deal of freight to be packed out. Not to mention a decent number of customers looking at the lights and decorations. Wednesday was busier in the tree lot as it was snowing. I still got soaked, if not quite as quickly.

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