Thursday, December 11 – Sunday, December 14

I (barely) survived the tree lot.

Thursday was the last day at my regular job prior to the three-week break, not to mention the last day under the current rotation of seven work sites.  I was hoping that the district manager would stop by and let me know what my new four-site rotation would be, but that didn’t happen. I will get a call or e-mail over the break with the new assignment. It really doesn’t matter where I’m sent, but nonetheless I’d just like to know soon. Call me curious. The workday itself was very easy, over before noon, and while I’d like to say the rest of my day was busy and productive I in fact did next to nothing.

Friday was mostly a do-nothing day until the late afternoon, when I had to make a quick trip into Queens. I was very worried that traffic would be a horror show like it had been a couple weeks ago, but to my delight it wasn’t bad at all. A few slow stretches on the Northern Stategh!) Parkway in western Nassau, and they weren’t too bad. It took me a little over an hour, compared to almost two and a half hours (ugh!) last time. Getting back was even quicker.

Saturday and Sunday were not among my best days. I worked eight hours each day in the tree lot at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, and it was almost nonstop chaos start to finish. This weekend was the last big push for trees, and the customers kept coming and coming. With the Christmas tree inventory getting low, indeed with the big trees for cathedral ceilings being sold out completely, many customers were a bit difficult. They often were unhappy when I said there were no more deliveries on the way, which should hardly be surprising for such seasonal items. I suppose I shouldn’t complain; most people were fine, especially those who came with children. And at least I wasn’t indoors for long with the lights and decorations, many of which are sold out.

By the time I was done on Sunday afternoon I was utterly drained and sore. All those hours in the tree lot were draining, but hey, I survived. Next weekend I might deal with a few trees, but based on what I’ve heard there aren’t likely to be many.

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