Monday, December 15 – Wednesday, December 17

The gym, the subway, and trees

Monday was for the most part a recovery day. After all the work I had done in the Major Home Improvement Retailer’s tree lot over the weekend, I was seriously drained. As in “barely able to walk” drained. At first I had been considering taking advantage of my day off to do my Christmas shopping at the Union Square market in Manhattan, where I go every year, but I simply didn’t have the energy.

By late afternoon I had regained enough strength that I went to the gym. Having missed so much gym time during these tough weeks at the MHIR, it was hard to know where to start. I finally decided to do machine work for a while, a few weeks maybe, and then move back into more conventional stuff. I did machine chest presses, flies, and cable pushdowns, not paying too much attention to the particular weight settings. Basically I just went by what seemed reasonably challenging.

Tuesday it was off to Union Square. The weather looked somewhat threatening when I left around 10, but according to forecasts the rain was supposed to hold off until late afternoon. After dealing was moderately heavy but tolerable traffic on the Long Island Expressway, I arrived at the supermarket parking deck in Queens where I know, from past work assignments, that it’s okay to park for the day. From there it was a fairly quick walk to the 46th Street station on the R train, which goes right to Union Square. Slowly, that is: one thing the R is not, is fast.

After a successful shopping excursion at the (absolutely packed) marketplace, I got back on the R for my return trip. My timing was good in that the rain held off until just as I was finishing, but bad in the sense that the train was packed to the gills with rush hour beginning. The ride back to Queens seemed endless, but that probably was just a perception from all the crowding. What unfortunately was not a mere perception was Expressway traffic on the way back. Not good, that sums it up quite succinctly.

Wednesday was a quieter day at first, as I busied myself with various things but didn’t do anything of consequence at first. I was planning on going to the gym in the late afternoon, but that changed when I got a call from the MHIR asking if I could come in for 5:30. Unscheduled shifts of that sort are uncommon and I was hardly about to turn down the extra pay. I ended up working until ten, being quite busy with freight and helping customers and even handling some trees.

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