Monday, December 22 – Thursday, December 25

So just how do I occupy myself?

Four days in a row with no work, the longest such stretch in quite some time. Without work, but not wholly without pay, as the Major Home Improvement Retailer will pay me for four hours for Christmas, when the store is closed. They did the same for Thanksgiving, which is a nice touch.

Monday was a sort of boring day, I did pretty much nothing productive. Well it wasn’t a complete loss, as I did some reading on my Kindle and made a visit to the gym. At the gym, I did more machine-based upper body work, presses and flies mostly. My intention is to resume using free weights next week after this machine hiatus.

Tuesday was busier, with buying some stuff for Christmas dinner, which on account of work schedules we are having on Christmas Eve. I had some plans to go to yoga in the evening but for one reason or another didn’t go. Tsk tsk.  The dinner itself went very well, though Christmas Day itself was Dullsville.

In any event, after these four days I have one workday at the MHIR, on Friday, followed by another four days off. That will change on New Year’s Eve, when I start a stretch of ten days’ work over a 12-day span, counting both jobs. “Boredom” will be banished from my vocabulary!

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