Saturday, January 3 – Tuesday, January 6

A tale of two workdays

Saturday and Sunday were two starkly different days at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. It wasn’t just that I worked seven hours on Saturday and eight on Sunday. It was the physicality of the days that was so different. Saturday was a physically tough day, albeit not like my brutal shift on New Year’s Day. I put the last 25 or so unsold Christmas trees in the trash compactor,  which like before entailed literally throwing them into the chute and cleaning jams. My next task was to demolish a decaying old stockade fence that lined the metal fence on two sides of the outside garden area. Once I did that, I had to cut each 8-foot section into three pieces with a reciprocating saw, so everything would fit in the compactor. It was difficult work, but the shift went by in no time flat.

Sunday was far easier in physical terms. There was no cleanup left, and no freight to pack out. I spent almost the entire eight hours waiting on customers. I was fairly busy, as there was a steady flow of customers most of the time, but the work was just so different from the prior day that the sense of passing time was different too. The shift seemed absolutely endless, I thought quitting time was never going to come. Now, it’s not like I actually want every shift to be physically tough, but it does somehow speed up time.

Monday started my new schedule at my main job, in which I will spend two days at each worksite. I have four sites in each two week cycle. All four sites are quite close, the furthest one (where I spent these two days) being only 15 minutes away. Combined with low prices this means I’ll be spending very little on gasoline. Monday did involve a bit of an adjustment, though one due not so much to the changed work flow as to the simple fact that I hadn’t worked at that job for over three weeks. With a bit of scrambling I was able to finish up by my regular 2:30 shift end. That saved me from having to get permission to stay late. Tuesday was easier, as I got more used to the work. It was also the first (barely) measurable snowfall of the season, which looked nice.

I went to the gym on Monday evening to do some bench presses, and although I wasn’t too energetic when I arrived I ended up doing well: 6 × 135, 6 × 165, 6 × 185, 4 × 205, 3 × 5 × 225, 8 × 185. Originally I had planned on doing some shoulder and triceps work but all that benching pretty much exhausted my energy reserves. Not that it really matters.

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