Monday, January 12 – Wednesday, January 14

Well I survived, somehow

These weren’t easy days, to put it very mildly. I spent them at two different work locations for my main job, one of them on Monday and Tuesday and the other one on Wednesday. Both sites had two things in common: they are conveniently nearby (good), and they are way too complicated (not good). Each day I had to scramble around like crazy to finish my work by my 2:30 quitting time. Staying any later is really not an option, as overtime requires approval from the regional office and it’s seldom granted. But leaving work undone is frowned upon. What all of this meant is that I had to work at a fast nonstop pace from 7 to 2:30 each day with only two short breaks. I’m hoping that the next 2-week work cycle, which begins next week, won’t be quite as nuts.

What made these days even tougher is that I worked at the Major Home Improvement Retailer on Tuesday and Wednesday. That made for two long days. Tuesday was an unusually long shift for a weekday, 4:30 to 10. While the store wasn’t that busy, I was the only garden department employee on duty after the first two hours and there was a fairly large freight shipment to be packed out. Just like during the day at my regular job, I really had to hustle. Wednesday was quite different. As there was another worker on duty, and no more freight, I was assigned to clean up the greenhouse. It wasn’t that difficult a task, but did get a bit tedious.

Between a family activity on Monday, and then the MHIR shifts, I wasn’t able to get to the gym. I’m not pleased with that, but I’m not doing many evening shifts over the next two weeks so I will be able to get back into it.

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