Monday, January 19 – Tuesday, January 20

Better than last cycle, so far

Monday began the second 2-week cycle at my main job. The past cycle was tough, no doubt about that, but I wasn’t sure whether that was because of the new work flow with two days at each worksite,  or because of the specific tasks I had to do for the cycle.  After these two days I’m inclined to go with the former. Neither day did I have to struggle at all in order to finish by 2:30. In fact I probably could have finished by 1:30 or so, though doing so would have been pointless as I have to stay until 2:30. Granted, this site is the easiest of the four on my rotation, but it’s still a good sign.

Tuesday evening I did a 6 to 10 shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  There wasn’t any freight, which is a bit surprising,  and as the store wasn’t nearly as busy as on the weekend there wasn’t much to do in terms of assisting customers.  Not that it was dull,  however, as I was tasked with setting up a display of chest freezers and gas grills at the front of the store. Both were significantly discounted, so even though the store wasn’t busy people were buying them even as I was assembling the display.

On Monday evening I went to the gym with the intent of doing bench presses, but as one might expect for a Monday in January the gym was packed. Both flat benches (the gym REALLY should have more) were in use with people waiting. Rather than join the queue I opted for dips, doing a respectable 5 × 8 × bodyweight.

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