Saturday, January 17 – Sunday, January 18

Two early days at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  That’s uncommon for me, as I usually work somewhat later in the day. It wasn’t fun to have to get up early, but at least I was done at a decent hour.each day. Saturday I worked 7:30 to 4. During the first half of the shift I was pulling online orders for in-store pickup, which is what I had been doing much of the time when .I first started working at the MHIR over a year ago. As orders don’t come continuously I went around the store helping customers during the downtime. It was a decent change from working in the garden department, though not something I’d want to do every shift. After my lunch break I did the usual garden stuff.

Sunday’s shift was a short one, 8 to noon. As it was quite icy out I spent the first hour or so helping spread ice melt on the walkway in front of the store and in parts of the outside garden area. One thing I hadn’t realized is the sheer volume of ice melt required. I went through three 40-pound bags of the calcium chloride/rock salt mix, and I was just one of four employees performing the task. Once that was done I was quite busy helping customers,  as the store was quite busy.

Later on Sunday afternoon I went to the gym, and did something different. I wanted to do back work, and instead of a variety of exercises I did neutral grip pull-ups, and nothing else. Not that it was an easy session, as they’re a tough exercise and I did a total of 22: 2 × 4, 4 × 3, 1 × 2.

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