Friday, January 23 – Sunday, January 25

It was the calm before the storm. Or, more accurately, the turmoil before the storm. Friday certainly was calm, being my day off and everything. Mostly just poking around, running errands, the usual. Okay, when I made it to the gym in the late afternoon there was a break with the usual, as for the first time in months I got back to deadlifting.  Nothing too much, given that I haven’t done the exercise in so long. I did 4 × 4 × 225. Hey, it’s a start. I also did leg presses on a Life Fitness machine, 3 × 8 × 360.

On Saturday I worked 3:30 to 10 at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  It was a fairly quiet shift, quiet enough that the manager let me spend 45 minutes doing online training for my forklift certification. With some vague reports about possible snow on Monday there were some people buying snow shovels and rock salt, but nothing too much.

Ten hours later, when I reported on Sunday for my 8 to 4:30 shift, I stumbled into Bedlam. In the overnight hours the weather forecast had changed,  and now was calling for a massive storm on late Monday into Tuesday. Up to three feet of snow was a distinct possibility.  Saturday’s trickle of snow shovel and rock salt buyers had become a raging torrent. My shift was a nonstop frenzy of getting more and more supplies until everything was gone. As soon as a pallet (48 bags, each weighing 50 pounds) of salt or calcium chloride would be delivered to the sales floor,  people would descend onto it like it was free money or something and all the bags would be gone in ten minutes or less. After going through about 30 pallets, with no more rock salt or calcium chloride left in the store, the manager decided to go into the five or so pallets of swimming pool salt that were supposed to be put on the shelves in the spring. By the time I left at 4:30 these too were gone. Yep, it was a hectic shift, though I presume a very lucrative one for the MHIR.

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