Wednesday, January 28 – Friday, January 30

Return to normalcy, mostly

Wednesday and Thursday were normal workdays after the big storm. While.the roads were pretty much clear, driving was still a bit difficult because the roads are often much narrower than usual. Parking lots are smaller too, what with the big snow piles. Fortunately that wasn’t an issue at the worksite where I spent Wednesday and Thursday. There’s a big lot, with ample parking even with the snow piles, and in any event when I arrive at 7 it’s never too crowded.  Train station parking lots, well those are another matter entirely.

Work itself was busy but manageable. One thing I was not pleased to hear is that I’m probably not going to be able to make up for the lost workday on Tuesday. I had thought I’d be able to do so on Friday, but that won’t happen. I’m scarcely pleased about losing a day’s pay, and what’s also annoying is that I didn’t get a full explanation why a make up day won’t happen. It does, however, appear to be something beyond my employer’s control, which I suppose is a good thing. As for Friday,  it was a mainly uneventful day,  which of course is just the way I wanted it to be.

Gym: I went in the early evening on Wednesday for another dip-and-pullup session. Going in I didn’t think I’d do well but things turned out better. For the dips, I did 5 × 8 × bodyweight,  while on the neutral grip pull-ups I did a total of 31, one more than last time, as follows: 4 × 4, 3 × 3, 3 × 2.

On Friday, in the mid-afternoon,  I did deadlifts,  5 × 5 × 225. Next came Life Fitness leg presses,  4 × 8 × 370.

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