Monday, February 2 – Tuesday, February 3

Well that’s going to complicate things

Monday was Groundhog Day, my favorite holiday, and it’s a safe bet that the eponymous rodent didn’t see his shadow in these parts.  A few inches of snow had fallen overnight and was in the process of turning to rain as I left for work at 6:30. It rained heavily during the rest of the morning but was turning back to snow as I was leaving work a bit after 2:30. Although the roads were icy by then I had no particular trouble getting back, though I had to drive slower than usual.

Work on both days was fairly easy.  As I had expected,  this 2-week work cycle isn’t a particularly difficult one, though it looks as if the next one will be much, much harder.

As for my work at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, while I wasn’t on the schedule either day I stopped by on Tuesday afternoon to speak with the training supervisor. I had noticed that despite having completed two-thirds of the 90-minute online training for the forklift, the training site was showing zero completion. I was not pleased to find out that the entire session has to be completed at once, apparently that’s the rule for safety-oriented training. I sure wish the site had given me an advance warning!  While I may be able to do just the chapter quizzes for the sections I’ve completed so far, no need to re-do the learning,  exactly how I’m going to find 90 minutes is another matter. I’ll have to speak with the department head and see what can be done.

Gym: I had a nice session of neutral grip pull-ups on Monday. I got a total of 32, one more than last time, distributed as follows: 5 × 4, 4 × 3.

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