Saturday, February 14 – Wednesday, February 18

Either I survived,  or I didn’t survive and this is the afterlife

Believe me when I say these were five brutal days. Between my main job and the Major Home Improvement Retailer I worked about 50 hours in this span. It wasn’t just the hours,  but the nonstop intensity of the work at my main job. I knew that this 2-week cycle would be very very difficult, and suffice to say I wasn’t disappointed.  Normally, I work seven hours a day, from 7am to 2:30pm, with a half hour for lunch. These three days I worked until 3, or shortly thereafter, and didn’t dare take more than a ten-minute break. And then on Monday and Tuesday I had to be in the MHIR by 4:30.

As for the MHIR, my shifts were about as varied as could be. Saturday and Sunday were both 8-hour shifts, and I spent much of the time hauling stuff around as part of a spring merchandise reset. Saturday’s highlight (lowlight?) came when a man berated a cashier and I for the store’s alleged racism. He did not like the fact that (as with all MHIR stores) there is a poster by the entrance with pictures of the Spanish-speaking employees.  Some stores have other languages too. I tried to explain that it wasn’t any kind of political statement,  but just a way of serving customers and that the motivation was entirely commercial.  It was like talking to a wall.

Monday I worked from 4:30 to 8:30. As there was snow forecast, every shopping cart (and there are several types) had to be brought inside the store.  Normally the lot associate would handle that function, but he was absent. You know the rest of the story. Another lowlight happened when I was by the main checkouts around an hour before the end of my shift.  A customer approached with a cart full of expensive power tools … and took off running. By the time anyone realized what was happening he was out the door and running across the parking lot. He took off in a pickup truck,  apparently a confederate helped him toss the cart in the back, because they were out of there in seconds. It was obviously a rehearsed plan. A customer who heard the commotion tried to see the license plate,  but there was something taped over it.

Tuesday was a longer MHIR shift, 4:30 to 10, and I spent most of the time packing out freight. One thing I did not do was carry things up the rolling ladder to the overhead storage, as by that point I was so exhausted that I didn’t trust my balance on a ladder. Better safe than sorry.

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