Monday, March 2 – Tuesday, March 3

I was right

My prediction concerning the 2-week work cycle that began Monday was completely right: it is much, much easier than the last one had been. No comparison whatsoever. I was able to take my normal breaks without worrying about being able to finish on time. In fact I was done early enough that I had to find various chores to occupy myself until 2, which is the earliest I can leave. I’m grateful for this break, and to make matters even better the next cycle should be reasonably decent too.

I went to the gym on Monday somewhat reluctantly. After all of the weekend ice removal at the Major Home Improvement Retailer too many of my muscles were too sore for me to do much. Pull-ups and dips were definitely out of the equation. Still, I wanted to do something,  so I ended up doing leg presses and leg curls on a couple machines. Nothing too taxing, but at least it was something rather than nothing.

Tuesday was much better in exercise terms. Most of the muscle aches were gone, so I went to the 7:30 session at the new hot yoga studio. What with the bad weather there were only nine people in attendance, and it was an “express” session that ran 75 minutes rather than the usual 90.  Fine by me. The instructor was very good, and like the one the other day she gave detailed instructions for each movement. I did quite well, with both my balance and my flexibility being better than in the past.

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