Monday, March 9 – Wednesday, March 11

Long hours, less toil

I really, really, really would have appreciated a day off to recover from the weekend’s brutal work at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. It’s only fair.  Of course, nothing of the sort happened. Monday was a day as usual at my main job. I still can’t imagine where I found enough energy to drag myself into work in the morning. The time change has made the process even harder, as it’s barely light when I leave.

What helped is that the worksite was only a short distance away and the day was a reasonably easy one. I left at the usual time, and later that evening we went to a local steakhouse.  It runs a promotion under which you get an award (and a free meal) if you eat a 76-ounce steak in under an hour. It would be fun, but there’s just no way I could ever do that. Besides, eating is supposed to be a form of pleasure, not an ordeal.  I actually had some ideas of making a quick trip to the gym later on, but there was just no way I could.  Still in recovery mode.

And it’s not as if Tuesday and Wednesday were nice easy days. My main job was easy enough, the contrast between this work cycle and the past one is truly amazing, but I had long MHIR shifts both evenings – 5:45 to 10 on Tuesday,  5:30 to 10 on Wednesday.  The only reason I was able to get through those shifts intact was because I had a couple of hours between jobs, and especially because the work wasn’t too taxing.

It goes without saying that going to the gym or hot yoga wasn’t possible. I will have to change that state of affairs starting with yoga on Thursday evening. After all the backbreaking work on the weekend hot yoga should be tolerable by comparison.  I hope.

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