Saturday, March 28 – Sunday, March 29

“Working at the Major Home Improvement Retailer” pretty much sums up both of these days. About the biggest difference is that I worked a later shift on Saturday, 12:30 to 9 to be specific, while Sunday was an earlier shift from 8 to 4:30. Saturday was a cool rainy day with even some late-season snow while Sunday was much nicer. What that meant, not surprisingly, is that there were many more customers on Sunday than there had been on Saturday. In fact I had relatively little to do on Saturday, at least for the first half of the shift, as the garden department’s staffing level was at its higher springtime level. With a manager’s permission I was able to spend an hour completing my online training for forklift licensing. With that done I just have to arrange for about an hour of on the road (so to speak) training with one of the store’s three trainers and I’ll be ready to go.

Sunday was quite hectic. Even though there were several people in the department for most of my shift, the nonstop customer flow kept me busy. There also was some freight to pack out, which is unusual for a weekend. At 8pm I came back to the MHIR for the annual meeting. It was a bit anticlimactic because the bonus checks that were supposed to be distributed at the meeting actually had come out on Friday. There were several cakes and pies and cookie platters, and naturally enough I had too much.

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