Thursday, April 2 – Friday, April 3

Two in a row!

For once, I had two days in a row completely off work. It’s still my off week from my regular job and I wasn’t scheduled either day at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Being an industrious sort I of course spent each day doing useful productive things and … okay, there’s no use exaggerating, I mostly goofed off and did nothing whatsoever productive. Considering the ghastly number of hours I will be working over the next two weeks – 57.5 and 56 – there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t goof off. Anyway, I got my car’s oil changed on Friday, that should count for something, right?

And there’s more. For the first time ever since I took up hot yoga, I actually went to two sessions in two days. Thursday I went to the 7:30 session and Friday to the one at 6:30. Both were “express” sessions, meaning they were 70 minutes rather than the normal 90. That does not mean they are easier, however; each session has the same number of positions as a normal session, but is faster paced. I did well, with continued steady progress. It’s probably going to be hard to go more than once in each of the upcoming weeks, especially as I want to make it to the gym as well, so I might as well take the opportunity when I can.

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