Monday, April 13 – Wednesday, April 15

Not running a marathon, but working one

People usually don’t like Mondays, but Monday was by far the easiest day of this 3-day stretch. I mean there was like absolutely no comparison. I worked at my regular job, nothing out of the ordinary, and wasn’t scheduled at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. With a free evening I went to the gym, having been away too long, and had a decent session. It began with T-bar rows : 5 × 8 × 115. Then it was off to Hammer Strength shoulder presses, 5 × 8 × 100/100. Finally, I did some additional rows on a machine whose name I never can seem to remember, 4 × 8 at resistance level 14 out of 18. It didn’t seem to be a particularly difficult or useful machine, but as a supplement to the T-bar rows it was okay.

On Tuesday I worked my regular job at a site off the Sunrise Highway where I hadn’t been in over a year. While it had always been a bit disorganized things must have gotten much better during my time away. Everything was neat and orderly and my day went by quite well. I was happy as I left, figuring that my evening shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer was only four hours long (8 to midnight), how hard could that be?

Extremely hard, that’s the answer. An absolute mountain – no, make that mountain range – of freight had arrived during the day and I spent almost the entire shift on it. What made this especially bad is that much of the stuff wouldn’t fit on the shelves and therefore had to go into the overhead storage bays. What made things even worse is that I had to hump all of the boxes up a ladder. Usually anything over about 20 pounds can be left on the floors, and after the store closes at 10 an employee using a mobile lift platform goes up and down the aisles handling them. Tuesday was different. With the vast volume of freight it wasn’t possible for him to service the whole store and naturally enough I had to do everything. Among the things I had to carry up the ladder were at least 20 cases of bug spray, each one of which weighed 45 pounds.  Not fun. Not fun at all.

Speaking of things that weren’t fun, Wednesday fit that bill very well thank you. My 4:30 to midnight shift at the MHIR meant that I’d be working from 7am to midnight with only a two hour break. As the regular job was pretty easy I was thinking for a while that maybe I could get out by 1 or 130. Even just a extra hour’s break would make a big difference.  Lo and behold, a big boss decided to show up and I had to stay until 2:30.

Thankfully, the MHIR shift wasn’t too bad. Okay it was bad because it was so long, but the nature of the work wasn’t too bad. No freight,  for one thing.  I was still really beat during the last hour or so and shudder to think what it would have been like had there been a huge amount of freight like the day before. One good thing is that I have no more long weekday shifts for at least the next two weeks. Mostly I’ll have the 8 to midnight ones, which needless to say are much more tolerable.

One thing about which I wasn’t too pleased is that my forklift certification is being further delayed. The trainer won’t be working the same shift as me until Saturday, and there’s no guarantee that he will have the time to spare then. If it doesn’t happen on Saturday I’m going to have to speak with a manager about maybe shifting around my schedule one day. For something that shouldn’t take long it’s turning into an endless quest.

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