Thursday, April 16 – Sunday, April 20

A week without yoga. Drat.

Now that I’ve started going to the new hot yoga center I’ve resolved to go on a regular schedule. At least once a week, twice if possible. Falling away from a regular schedule even once or twice can be the start of a downward spiral. Well, this week turned into a week without yoga.  And there really wasn’t much I could have done to change matters.

All day on Thursday I was at a very low energy level thanks to Wednesday’s extremely long workday. I was hoping that I’d be able to finish up early at my regular job. If I were able to get out by 1, which seemed at first like a reasonable goal, I would have a seven hour break before going into the Major Home Improvement Retailer at 8. Time enough to recharge and maybe even get in a quick gym visit. Of course that didn’t happen.  Enough things came up to keep me at work until 2:30. My between-jobs break was reduced by 90 minutes, which may not seem like much but made a big difference. I was still somewhat dragging when I went into the MHIR for my 8 to midnight shift. Which, it should go without saying, was definitely not an easy shift. Mountains of freight, that’s what awaited me and occupied almost the entire shift.

Thanks to my decidedly non-relaxing Thursday, not to mention the week in general, I simply didn’t have the energy to go to hot yoga on Friday. Not to mention that my feet in particular were very sore. Mostly Friday was a recovery day, though I was able to make a gym trip in the early evening for some bench pressing. I did surprisingly well: 6 × 135, 6 × 165, 6 × 185, 6 × 205, 6 × 225, 4 × 235, 2 × 245,  1 × 255. It’s been too long since I’ve gone as high as 255.

Saturday was a beautiful spring day, so I figured that my MHIR shift would be busy. And I wasn’t wrong. As I was working 3 to midnight I had time during the day to do a bunch of errands. I suppose. I _could_ have gone to a morning hot yoga session, but my shoulders were a bit sore from the prior day’s benching and in any event I hate morning exercises. You can’t imagine how much I utterly loathe them. In any event, I got all the exercise I could have wanted during my shift. Even at 3pm there was a constant flow of people buying garden supplies and it didn’t let up until dusk. I hoisted more bags of mulch, topsoil,  garden soil, lime, fertilizer and so on than I ever imagined existed. The department was understaffed, so I also had to go into the inside garden area on a regular basis to help customers in there. What’s more, for most of the shift I had the department phone with me, and kept fielding calls.

On a better note, after the store closed at 10 I got my first hands-on forklift lesson. Generally it takes three lessons in total, though some people manage with two. Somehow I don’t expect to be one of them. While most of the controls are fairly intuitive, steering the contraption is a nightmare. Instead of a car-style wheel there’s a flat disk with a knob. Turning the machine requires spinning the disk several times in the desired direction. It’s not easy. The fact that the rear wheels are the steering wheels makes it all the more complicated. Everyone finds it hard at first yet manages to figure it out. There’s no reason to believe I will be any different.

Sunday was an odd day. I was working at the MHIR, but only from 6 to 10 in the evening. It was almost as if I didn’t know what to do with myself all day. I made a gym trip, but my shoulders were still achy (Saturday’s work hadn’t helped), so I just did some seated machine rows, 5 × 8 at resistance level 14 of 18. Not much, obviously, but it was better than nothing. As for.the MHIR shift, it was short but not what anyone would call sweet. There was a lot of freight to be packed out, which was surprising because there aren’t deliveries on weekends. What it turned out is that so much garden freight had arrived during the week that much still remained. Oh joy.

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