Thursday, April 23 – Friday, April 24

Not much lost ground

My workweek at the regular job came to a quiet end on Thursday. A few last-minute snags, but nothing that prevented me from skedaddling out of there at normal quitting time. Which was good, as staying late on the last day of the week ranks very low on my list of life’s pleasures.

After more or less goofing off for a few hours I headed into the Major Home Improvement Retailer for an 8 to midnight shift. Quite a bit of freight had arrived during the day, but it wasn’t yet allocated by department.  So, no packout. I spent most of the shift trying to restore some semblance of order to the cleaning-products aisle. More so than most other parts of the MHIR it seems to attract untidy customers who leave the shelves in shambles. Worst of all are those who open bottles of liquid cleaners to sniff, and then can’t be bothered to screw the caps back on securely. If that’s you, do the world a favor and jump off a cliff.

Friday was my much-welcomed day off. Unlike last week, when I was still recovering from a 4:30 to midnight midweek shift, I was quite energetic. After doing errands and other stuff during the day, I went to hot yoga at 6:30 with quite a sense of hope. I really wanted to do well and make up for missing last week.

I did. To my mild surprise the session went remarkably well. I had no stamina issues, my balance was fine, and I really think even my flexibility was slightly better than last time. As I said later on,

I believe that I’ve made more progress in two months at this place than in over a year at the other center. Whether it’s due to the more structured Bikram approach or the moral boost of the friendlier atmosphere I don’t know, and in a way it doesn’t really matter.

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