Monday, April 28 – Wednesday, April 30

Gentle? Well, okay, I guess

These were three tough days. In addition to working from 7 to 2:30 at my main job I also worked from 8 to midnight at the Major Home Improvement Retailer on Monday and Wednesday. Working that shift one of the three nights would have been tolerable. Two night was tough, no glossing over that fact. It didn’t help that my main job was more hectic than usual, especially on Wednesday. At least Wednesday’s MHIR shift wasn’t too bad, just inside packout.

In another month or so the busy season will be winding down and I’ll probably be working about 20 hours a week instead of the. 24 or 28 I’ve been doing. I like the extra money I’ve been making, of course, but physically I can only take so much. 48 hours a week (28 at my regular job plus 20 at the MHIR) is okay. 52 or 56, not so much.

On Tuesday, with no MHIR scheduled, I decided to go to the 7:30 hot yoga session. To my surprise it wasn’t that at all: it was an unheated, slower-paced “gentle yoga” session. I had forgotten that the schedule had changed a couple weeks ago. And a second surprise awaited me. It turned out that gentle yoga is just as tough as the regular stuff. I would attribute that to the clichéd “Downward Dog” position, which is absent from the Bikram program but comes up multiple times in gentle yoga. While DD is supposedly a resting position for expert practitioners, for most people (definitely including me) it is awkward and more than a little painful. Still, I’m glad that I went and tried something different.

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