Thursday, April 30 – Friday, May 1

Three in a week? I don’t think so.

Thursday was the third evening of the week in which I worked the 8pm to midnight shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Coming off a relatively uncomplicated day at my main job, I figured that working this shift wouldn’t be too bad. I was wrong. Granted, it was a very busy four hours, with a seemingly endless amount of freight to be packed out, but by the end of the shift I was scarcely able to stand upright. This third weekly shift was just too much for me, I was quite thankful that I have only two such shifts scheduled for each of the following two weeks. Money is nice, but you can only do so much.

Friday was a very much appreciated day off. I really didn’t do much of consequence, though I was so beat out there wasn’t much I could have done. Later in the afternoon I went to the gym and did some rather desultory back and shoulder work. I really want to get back to more serious and focused work at the gym, but that will have to wait until things quiet down at the MHIR. I don’t like that state of affairs, but that’s the way it is.

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  1. You wrote that muslim immigration is small in europe. This is clearly false. I live in Germany and see it with my own eyes. Also, one reason for Sarrazin’s success _was_ muslim immigration. The media is brainwashing us saying it’s about diversity and an enrichmemt of our culture, when in fact Europe already has the greatest culture on earth. Also, check out Volkmar Weiss’ new work (Intelligence and its enemies): in german only, but more in-depth than Sarrazin’s work. Also, Weiss is a accomplished scientist who knows his stuff, unlike Sarrazin, whose work wasn’t false but not as learned.

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