Monday, May 4 – Wednesday, May 6

Yet another yoga surprise

These were three fairly easy days at my main job. While Monday was the start of a new work cycle, which sometimes presents a bit of a learning curve issue, this is an easier cycle than usual and I finished up about an hour before my usual quitting time each day. Even better, I never had the sense of being under any sort of pressure. It was nice, but of course not all cycles will be this easy. The next one in particular looks like it will be tough, though I’ve had worse and in any event it might change.

Monday’s 8 to midnight shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer got off to a bad start. I walked in to find a huge pile of returned items that had to be reshelved.  The people who had worked in garden earlier in the day should have been dealing with the returns, but obviously that didn’t happen.  It took me two hours to finish with the returns, which meant that I couldn’t do as much freight packout as I had hoped to do. Returns take priority,  however, and I did what I had There was no MHIR work on Tuesday, and we went out to dinner. Not Mexican, even though (because?) it was Cinco de Mayo, but Indian. Very good as always.

Wednesday was another day off from the MHIR and I went to the 6:30 hot yoga session. Last week I had gone by mistake to a “gentle yoga ” session instead of the usual Bikram session (and had found it not quite so gentle). This time, I found out right before the session began that it was a fast-paced advanced “Vinyasa” session. It was the same mistake I had made the first time I went to this center over two months ago. Unlike last time, when I barely stumbled through the session, this time I did reasonably well. Not perfect, but not terrible. In fact, after the session the instructor,  who is also the owner, told me that I had done well. It was nice.

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