Saturday, May 2 – Sunday, May 3

I was a bad boy at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  Well, sort of. I was scheduled for two 8-hour shifts on the weekend, which would make 28 hours for the week … and an excruciating 56 hours between both of my jobs. I knew that just wasn’t going to happen. Everyone has limits, and I was looking squarely at going over mine.

So I hatched a diabolical plot. When I went in at 10 on Saturday morning I let it be known that I was feeling lousy and might not be able to make it through my shift. To add to the versimilitude I walked around in a slow mopey manner. After a few hours – a few very busy hours, as the store was mobbed – I told the department head that I was in no shape to stay any longer, and exit. Hey, consider it preventative medicine.

On Sunday I was much more refreshed and revived. Just as well, as most of my 11:30 to 9 shift was really hectic. Once again the store was mobbed, and two people scheduled to work in garden had called in (was I some bad inspiration?) If I had worked the full eight hours on Saturday it would have been an excruciating hard shift.  Thankfully, I was all set to go and had no trouble getting through the day.

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