Monday, May 11 – Thursday, May 14

Four days I’d mostly like to erase from memory

Okay, Monday wasn’t too bad of a day. But things got much worse thereafter. Working so late on Sunday made for a bad night, so I was quite sleep-deprived on Monday. Fortunately I had a very easy day at my regular job and wasn’t scheduled at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. My tooth pain was so minor as to be barely there. I went to hot yoga in the evening, and it went mostly well even though it was a full 90-minute session rather than a 75-minute “express” session like I usually do. My balance seemed a bit off, which I attribute to events that soon were to become apparent.

Tuesday was much worse than Monday. My regular job wasn’t too bad, but my 8 to midnight. MHIR shift was insanely busy, with a never ending flow of freight. The receiving area had become completely jammed with freight because a recently completed floor refinishing project had limited freight packout. Now it all had to be done. Oh, my tooth began hurting more and more. I was planning to see the dentist on Friday, my day off, but now I was wondering if I’d be able to hold out that long. I was getting a throbbed sensation when I bent down or lifted anything heavy, which I know to be a sign of an abcess.  Oh, joy. When I left at midnight I stopped at a 24-hour Walgreens to get Anbesol toothache gel. Note: it’s pretty much useless on abcesses.

Despite even more sleep deprivation Wednesday started out okay. My tooth felt somewhat less painful and I had a super easy day at my main job. Call it the calm before the storm. Not long after starting by 8 to midnight MHIR shift the pain became agonizingly. It was like the whole side of my head was about to explode. I had aspirin with me, and actually took four (!) of them, but they had minimal effect. I was up literally all night in pain. By the time 3am rolled around I knew I’d never be able to go to my regular job. That is an unfortunate thing, as I have all of next week off and losing another day’s pay would only make things worse. At 5:30 I texted my district manager, and she sounded quite sympathetic.  One good thing. Oddly enough, by that time the pain was lessening, though my jaw was starting to swell. A lot.

I saw the dentist at 11:15, who confirmed that it was indeed an abcess.  He gave me a prescription for a week’s worth of antibiotics. At some point I’ll have to return to have the tooth pulled. By the e evening I felt semi-decent though still very tired from the sleepless night. Thankfully I wasn’t scheduled at the MHIR.  I got a terrible headache around 9, dunno if it was related to.the tooth abcess,, but thankfully it faded after a couple hours.

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