Tuesday, May 26 – Friday, May 29

Return to the routine

It actually wasn’t bad to get back to my regular job on Tuesday after a week off. Something about getting back into the usual routine, that sort of thing. One thing that won’t be so nice is that by working on Friday, to make up for the Monday holiday, I will end up going two weeks without a day off from both jobs.

The last work cycle, prior to the week off, had been much easier than usual.  This one marks a return to a more normal workload, not overly heavy but not a breeze like the last one. I can’t say that it’s an entirely bad development. While I have some flexibility as to when I can leave for the day, there are limits. When I finish up my day’s tasks too early, as had been the case some times during the last cycle, it could be difficult finding stuff to do for the hour or so before I could skedaddle. So far this cycle is sufficiently busy that I can avoid the issue.

Tuesday was the only day I worked at the Major Home Improvement Retailer during these days. Originally I had been scheduled for Wednesday too but I had gotten that removed because otherwise I would have had an impossibly high number of hours between both jobs. Tuesday’s shift was very long, 4:30 to midnight,  which meant that I worked from 7 am to midnight with only a couple hours off. It actually wasn’t as bad as I would have expected.  Only for the last hour or so was I really dragging.  This was both physical and mental, at one point I was utterly befuddled by a simple task of connecting a couple of hoses. Still, the endless day went better than I expected, though the two days as originally planned would have been too much.

As I had noted, I am down to 12 hours at the MHIR for the week of June 1. It turns out that the week of June 8 will be the same. It’s nothing personal, as other people in the garden department are getting their hours reduced too. Usually, hours get cut in July, when there’s a normal seasonal slowdown for a couple of months. This year, the reduction is starting a month early. No one can figure out why. It’s certainly not because of slow sales, in fact sales are well above expectations both for the department and for the store as a whole. Whatever the case, the reduction in pay won’t be nice but won’t be a deal breaker. I’m still well in excess of what’s supposed to be my average of 16 hours a week, especially since hours should pick up again in September as is the normal practice. And most of all, regularly working 24 or 28 hours a week on top of my other job was not sustainable. I can only do so much.

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