Monday, June 8 – Wednesday, June 10

Me and my big mouth 

I may have worked only 4-hour shifts at the Major Home Improvement Retailer on the weekend, but you’d never guess based on what I was like on Monday. It’s hard to remember another time when I was so completely exhausted. It was the start of a new 2-week cycle at my regular job, and while not among the worst it was definitely harder than the last one. How I made it through the day is a mystery, I suppose  that with three years on the job I’ve developed an ability to plod through regardless. I made a few mistakes here and there but nothing too bad. One downside of my exhaustion is that there was not a chance in a million of going to the gym or hot yoga in the evening.

Tuesday’s laziness was another story. While it was a tough day at the regular job it wasn’t terrible by any means, and because I wasn’t going into the MHIR until 8pm there was an ample window for the gym. But of course I didn’t go. Looking back after a couple of days it’s not possible to say why. I was no longer exhausted, and there was nothing else of import going on. Plain old laziness is probably the winner (loser?) by default. As for the MHIR shift, it was much easier than Sunday’s shift had been. The garden department was in good shape, and there were two other people working until midnight. I had some trouble setting up the hoses for the sprinklers in the temporary garden display set up in the parking lot, and once I got them going one sprang such a leak I had to replace it. Still, it made the time go by quickly.

Wednesday … oh yes, me and my big mouth. My energy level was pretty low during the day, though not as bad as on Monday, and I was thankful that I wasn’t on the schedule at the MHIR. A restful evening would do me a world of good. But wait! When I was working on Sunday evening the manager had asked me if I could work 6pm  to midnight on Wednesday. I had agreed, figuring the extra money would come in handy. By the time Wednesday actually rolled around,  however, I was regretting my decision. I wanted to make a quick gym trip and then make it an early evening. Not a chance. About the only saving grace is that it was an easy shift, mostly just indoor  freight packout.

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