Monday, June 15 – Wednesday, June 17

My aching feet!

Monday was a change of pace at my regular job. About 15 minutes after arriving at my scheduled work site I got a call from the district manager asking me to go to another site to deal with some issues that had arisen there. It was about 10 minutes away and had been part of my regular rotation until last year. I hadn’t liked that location much when I had been there on a regular basis but figured that it would be okay for one day. I was right. In fact the day went quite well, and I was able to handle the issue that had led to my rerouting.

On Monday evening I was scheduled for the 8 to midnight shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. It wasn’t a difficult shift, way easier than Sunday had been, however my feet began to hurt, especially my right foot. They’ve been bothering me off and on for a while but this was particularly bad. What I probably should do is get another pair of sneakers for use at my regular job. The existing ones have been getting quite worn. The work shoes I wear at the MHIR are in better shape, though switching between two types for the two jobs probably doesn’t help.

Tuesday it was back to my usually scheduled work site at my regular job. It was an uneventful day at work. Although I wasn’t scheduled at the MHIR, I had to deal with other matters in the late afternoon and I wasn’t able to go to the gym. Later on that evening we went to Chili’s, where we had surprisingly good tacos. Who would have thunk it?

Wednesday was a fairly straightforward day at my regular job andni actually got out a bit early. My feet were really throbbing, however. Nonetheless I decided to take advantage of the nearly six hours before my 8 to midnight MHIR shift, instead of doing basically nothing like on Monday, and went to the gym. What with my sore feet I wasn’t in the mood to do much, but did some fairly light machine work: flies, triceps extensions, cable pulldowns. At least it was something.

My fears about not having done enough at the gym evaporated in short order when I got to the MHIR. Along with another worker I was assigned to disassemble several temporary plant display tables. Each one consisted of metal gratings or boards laid over cement blocks. Removing the boards and gratings, and putting them on pallets, was easy enough. The cement blocks? Not easy. Each one had to be picked up off the ground and put on a pallet. I probably did about 100 to 125 of them, at about 30 pounds each. It was just as exhausting as you think it sounds. Who needs some old gym?

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