Monday, June 29 – Tuesday, June 30

Nice culture, bad non-training

Monday started my week off from work, save a 4-hour Major Home Improvement Retailer shift on Tuesday. What was I to do with all this unaccustomed free time?

Talk about spur of the moment decisions. At 9am I had this sudden urge to visit the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, and less than ten minutes later I was on the road. It was late enough to miss the bulk of rush hour traffic, though I still encountered some here and there. Even so, I got to my secret free parking area in Queens, from which it was a short walk to the R train into Manhattan.

As for the museum, all I can say is that even to a cheapskate like me the $25 admission fee was money well spent. For more than three hours I wandered the galleries, not using a guide plan, just seeing what I came across. The collection is stunning, and my three hours barely scratched the surface. I’ll have to return again, and soon. And hopefully I’ll be able to time my visit so that I don’t get caught up in rush hour traffic on my way back. Trust me, it wasn’t pleasant.

In contrast to Monday, I didn’t do a whole lot for much of the day on Tuesday.  Which, really, is just what I wanted.  I made a gym trip in the afternoon and did some bench pressing. 6 × 135, 6 × 165, 6 × 185, 4 × 205, 2 x 4 x 225, 2 x 225, 8 × 185.  Not too bad considering I haven’t benched in a while, and I had none of the shoulder pain that occasionally bothers me.

I went to the MHIR at 8, hoping that I’d finally get my forklift certification completed. First, I asked the manager on duty if I could practice a bit on the forklift in the outside garden area after the store closed at 10. Sure, he said. Then I asked the trainer if I could take the certification test around 11. Sure, he said. He would come and get me at 11 or just after.

You can figure out where this is going. I went to see the manager at 10 and found out that he had left. That meant no practice, as the department head who was in charge of the store didn’t have the authority to approve it. Still, I was willing to take the certification test, but that never happened because the trainer never came to get me.

By this point I’m really frustrated. It should never have taken this long. About my only option is to speak with my department head on Saturday, let him know how frustrated I am, and see if there’s something he can do. I hope so.

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