Saturday, July 11 – Sunday, July 12

What’s that poem … water, water, everywhere?  That was my weekend. I worked both days at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, and most of the time I was on plant watering duty. And on Saturday it started very early indeed. I was scheduled to come in at the ghastly hour of 5am, an hour before the store opened for business. No one actually got in until 5:30 due to a mixup between two of the managers over who was opening. Everyone still got paid from 5, so it was fine by me.

I spent about three hours watering all the plants on the front apron. Plant watering sounds easy, but when there are hundreds and hundreds of plants it becomes quite time consuming.  Once that task was done I did regular customer service stuff for a couple hours. But then the representative from one of the plant nurseries complained that the annuals in the inside garden area were too dry, so I had to spend about 90 minutes watering them. Before I knew it was 1:30 and my shift was over. I’d like to say that I made good productive use of the rest of the day, but of course I didn’t.

Sunday was more reasonable in that I worked a nice dignified shift of 11:30 to 3:30. No more having to start at some insane hour.  This time I spent the entire shift watering the plants. It was quite hot and the plants were absorbing water like crazy. In fact, under MHIR rules if it had been just a few degrees hotter there would have to have been two people on watering duty. It wasn’t easy working in the heat and I was very happy when the shift ended. I had been planning on making a quick gym visit after work, but I was just too worn down.

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