Wednssday, July 15 – Friday, July 17

Buzz buzz

These were a pretty uneventful three days, for the most part. Wednesday and Thursday were relatively easy days at work. Easier than the two prior days, which came as a mild surprise as the worksite for Wednesday and Thursday is generally a bit more challenging than the one earlier in the week. It looks as if my fears about the current two-week cycle were mostly unfounded. It is difficult, but not quite the nightmare I had feared. It helps that I’m not working at the Major Home Improvement Retailer until the weekend.

Friday was an interesting day off. We went to a lavender farm on the North Fork, not far from the end of the road at Orient Point. Quite a feast of the senses, but the most interesting part was seeing the absolutely vast number of bees buzzing around the plants. The expression “busy as a bee” really struck home. They were so busy with the plants that they didn’t bother anyone.

I made gym visits on both Thursday and Friday. It looks like I’m in a phase where I’m doing mostly just machine work without too much concern about specific weights. I actually had been going to do one-arm dumbbell rows on Friday, but I somehow had twisted a side muscle and decided to stick with the machine stuff. It’s just a phase.

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