Monday, July 20 – Thursday, July 23

Thankfully it got easier 

Monday and Tuesday were tough days at my main job. No glossing this one over. Each day I had to hustle like crazy to get done on time and barely was able to take a lunch break. My allotted half hour was more like ten minutes on Monday and maybe fifteen minutes on Tuesday. It was frustrating to be so swamped, and even a bit depressing. I can’t really say why I thought that way. In the past I’ve been at jobs in which I didn’t always have enough work to keep myself busy. Believe me, that situation is far, far worse than being busy, even extremely busy. And then of course there are some people who don’t have jobs at all and wish they could be busy.

Wednesday and Thursday were more of a return to normal. I worked hard but it wasn’t overwhelming. It really was a happy medium, albeit one that doesn’t necessarily happen too often. Enjoy it when it does. I’m just glad this very tough 2-week work cycle is over. It looks as if the next one shouldn’t be too bad.

Wednesday was the only evening of the four during which I was scheduled at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. I will be getting more hours during the next two weeks, in part due to the prep work for the annual inventory on August 4. Wednesday’s shift was 5:30 to 9:30, one I haven’t worked too often. I spent most of the shift waiting on customers, as the store was quite busy, though I was able to do some freight packout. There’s a big push to get the receiving area as empty as possible before the inventory day.

I made it to the gym twice during this stretch, on Tuesday and Thursday. Both times I mostly did machine work, no pushing to the limit or anything. Once the MHIR inventory is done, my work hours are going to be more predictable and I plan to get back to free weights and a more structured program.

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