Monday, July 27 – Wednesday, July 29

I played hooky. 

Monday was the easiest day of the four. I started a new 2-week work cycle at my main job, and it is much easier than the last one. No comparison at all. I was able to take my allotted 15-minute break and half-hour lunch without worrying at all that I’d be able to finish in time. In fact I was done about 90 minutes early, though I had to occupy myself for a while until I could leave. In the evening I had another machine session at the gym, though this time a bit longer than I’ve been doing.

Tuesday and Wednesday were something different. I spent both days working on a special project in Nassau County. It wasn’t too bad getting there and back, via the Long Island Expressway, the Northern State Parkway, and  (briefly) the Meadowbrook Parkway. The fact that I had to be at the worksite at 6:30 rather than my usual 7 meant that I had to leave very early, but also meant that I beat the worst of the traffic. I left around 1:30 each day, which also meant that traffic wasn’t too bad. Each trip took a bit over an hour, for which I’ll be paid. The work itself wasn’t bad, a nice change of pace.

On Tuesday, I worked from 6 to 10 at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. It wasn’t bad, even with the extra driving that I had done. Mostly customer service stuff, with a bit of freight packout. Actually, I did next to nothing for the first 40 minutes. Right as I clocked in the department head asked me to get bolt cutters and cut off the padlock on one of the propane cages on the side of the building, as it had become jammed. He said that he would get another lock and meet me at the cage.

I got the biggest set of bolt cutters from the tool room and cut off the offending lock. It took more than a little elbow grease but the powerful cutters won out. I then waited for the DH to come out with the new lock. And waited. And waited. I couldn’t leave the propane cage unlocked and there was no one else around. I couldn’t call the store because I was charging my phone in the break room. Fortunately, although it was hot out, the cage area was in shadow so I wasn’t baking in the sun. It was a great relief when the DH finally came. He had been involved with helping a customer and hadn’t realized that I had already gone out to the cage.

Wednesday presented quite a different story at the MHIR. I  was supposed to work from 4:30 to midnight after putting in seven hours at the special project in Nassau and after driving a total of about two and a half hours. Counting driving time I’d be going from 5:15 in the morning until midnight with at most two hours off. Not going to happen. Reluctantly, as I rarely do such things, I called in sick to the MHIR. You have to do what you have to do. Although I had Wednesday evening more or less free I didn’t go to the gym. Too weary. We did make a shopping excursion to Whole Foods, though to my disappointment there wasn’t much in the line of free samples.

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