Monday, August 3 – Wednesday, August 5

An exercise in frustration 

These three days were not among my better ones. They were a combination of too much work and frustrating work.

Monday was actually the best of the three. At least if I don’t count the 5:15 am text from the district manager at my regular job, informing me that I’d be on a special assignment Tuesday and Wednesday. My alarm had been set for 6:20, and being rousted an hour and five minutes earlier was not my cup of tea, metaphorically speaking. Fortunately the workday at the regular job was pretty easy. I was at a nearby location that never seems to present many headaches.

Monday evening I worked 4:30 to 10 at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. That’s a long shift when I’ve already worked at my main job. Because the inventory was the following day I spent just about my entire shift on “shelf maintenance” in the cleaning-products aisle. Basically, that meant lining up each product behind the correct price tag, so the people from the inventory company could count properly. It sounds easy but it’s not, especially since the shelves are very deep and retrieving mis-shelved items often requires use of a grabber tool. I was pretty much drained by the time my shift was done.

Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s special assignment for my main job was at a location in western Suffolk not far from the Northern State Parkway. Getting there took about a half hour, although because I had a 6:30 start time rather than my usual 7 I had to set my alarm at a too-early 5:30. Not that it mattered on Tuesday, as a ferocious thunderstorm got me up at 5. It caused extensive power losses in some communities.

As for the special assignment, well, it was rather disorganized and frustrating. Nothing at all like the two similar assignments I’ve done at different locations, both of which went like clockwork. Not that I have any real reason to complain, as I got paid for my services and will not be held accountable in any way for the disorganization.  But still …

I worked both Tuesday and Wednesday at the MHIR,  making five days in a row. Tuesday was 5 to 10, and in addition to the normal waiting on customers I also worked on freight. With the inventory having been completed shortly before my shift began, freight packout could resume. Wednesday was mainly a repeat of Tuesday but shorter, as I only worked 6 to 10.

Absent from this narrative is any mention of the gym or hot yoga. That of course is because I didn’t go. When I have to work both jobs in one day I find myself lacking the energy for exercise, even though there’s usually enough of a gap between the jobs to allow for a short gym visit. The good news is that my schedule for the next two weeks will be less hectic. Here’s hoping my energy levels are less sloth-like.

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