Monday, August 10 – Wednesday, August 12

Hoist that load!

This week got off to a fairly tough start. Monday was the start of a new 2-week work cycle at my main job, and while it’s supposed to be one of the easier cycles, well theory and fact sometimes aren’t the same. Monday in particular was a very tough day. I’d attribute that partly to the day’s work site, which was somewhat disorganized, and partly to the fact that the predictions of this being an easy cycle were just plain wrong. For quite some time it looked that I wasn’t  going to be able to finish by 2:30. Not only would I then have to call the district manager for overtime authorization, never an easy process, but I’d have even less time to unwind before starting my Major Home Improvement Retailer shift at 4:30.

My worst fears proved unfounded. As time went on things got easier and I ended up leaving right at 2:30. Of course the two hour break between jobs zipped by at an absurdly fast pace and next thing I knew I was clocking in at the MHIR. My shift there wasn’t too bad, mostly freight packout, although 4:30 to 10 is a rather long haul to work after putting in seven hours at the other job.

Tuesday featured basically an inversion of the respective difficulty of the two jobs. It was a very easy day at my main job. Almost too easy, as I was completely done with my daily tasks by noon, and had to scrounge around for other stuff to occupy myself until 1:30. Although I ostensibly work until 2:30, it’s okay to leave at 1:30 (but no earlier) if everything is done.

I had a decent amount of time until my 5 to 9 MHIR shift and made a quick gym trip. Nothing too much, just some machine work. Little did I know that things would be getting a whole lot tougher. It wasn’t that way at first, as the shift started out easy enough with normal customer service. The only complication is that some people were out in other departments and customers kept asking me for assistance elsewhere, especially in plumbing as it’s right next to garden. I did the best I could, hopefully it was good enough.

It was at 7:30 when things got a whole lot less pleasant. The service desk manager asked me if I could pull an order for customer pickup. Sure, I said, figuring it couldn’t be too bad of a task. When I saw the paperwork it became obvious that my initial assumption was quite wrong. What the customer wanted was 80 stones for a retaining wall, each of which weighed 22.4 pounds. That’s 1,792 pounds. What I had to do was lift each stone off a shelf – a bottom shelf of course, so there was plenty of stoop labor – and put it on a pallet. Repeat 79 times.  And because the customer could be arriving any minute I had to work quickly. Believe me, adding the 80th stone to the pallet was quite a relief!

Wednesday was sort of an anticlimax. It was an average day at my regular job, more difficult than Tuesday (which was good) but nothing whatsoever like Monday. I wasn’t scheduled at the MHIR, believe me I was happy about that, and we went to Outback Steakhouse in the evening. First visit in at least a couple years, and it was as good as ever.

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