Monday, August 17 – Wednesday, August 19

Creative fibbing

Monday began my week of changed work sites at my main job. I was in one location on Monday and Tuesday and a different one on Wednesday. Each one was about a 30-minute drive, mostly on Sunrise Highway. I thought the longer drive would be a difficult adjustment, given that I usually work at much closer locations, but it wasn’t bad at all. Working 7 to 2:30 means that I miss the worst of the traffic on Sunrise Highway. Rush hour can be bad, but it has a shorter duration than on the Long Island Expressway.

I had been to the Wednesday work site some time ago, but the Monday-Tuesday one was new to me. It was decent enough as these things go, the only drawback being that it was in a dead zone for cell service. My phone’s service indicator fluctuated between one bar (out of five) and none at all. I really would like to know why Verizon Wireless cannot maintain adequate service levels in a densely populated suburban area. It’s not like I was on the remote prairies of Montana. Thankfully the Wednesday site had a full strength signal even though it was less than five miles away.

On both Monday and Tuesday evenings I worked at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Monday’s shift was 5:30 to 10, which didn’t allow for much time between jobs but let me out at a decent hour. I alternated between waiting on customers, the store was unusually crowded for a Monday, and packing out a big freight delivery.

I figured Tuesday was going to be a more difficult shift. It was scheduled from 6 to 11:45, and given that I had more.driving to do the next morning I really did not want to stay that late. Fortunately my department head was working, which is unusual as he more commonly opens the store, and he let me leave at a more civilized 10:30. I’m grateful.

No MHIR work on Wednesday, so I went to the gym and did some machine work, nothing too much.

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