Thursday, August 20 – Sunday, August 23

Double reassignments 

Thursday was a decent enough end to the workweek at my main job. Even though there was some additional driving involved, I was glad that I got sent to different work sites this week. Partly due to the change of pace, and partly because thinges just ran more smoothly at both of them than at any four of my usual spots.

Thursday afternoon, right after finishing up at work, I went to the gym and did some fairly light upper body exercises. Originally I had planned to be more focused, but my energy level wasn’t quite where it should have been. Somewhat later on we went to Famous Dave’s BBQ, always one of my favorites. It actually was a toss-up between there and a Thai joint, and I mean that literally: it came down to an actual coin toss.

Friday was my day off from both jobs, and for the most part I didn’t do much. Around noon I got a text from the division manager once again reassigning me to two different sites next week. I’ve never been to the Monday-Tuesday site, though it’s not far from the first of this week’s sites. While I have been to the Wednesday-Thursday site, it was for just one day two years ago, so I remember very little about it. Nonetheless I was pleased.

Friday night I went to the gym and did some dips for the first time in months. I’d forgotten how much I liked doing them. Given the long hiatus I didn’t add any weight, and did 4 × 8 × bodyweight. I also did Hammer Strength MTS shoulder presses, 4 x 8 x 100/100, and pec deck flies, 4 x 8 at resistance level 11 of 15.

Saturday and Sunday were both, surprise of surprises, working days at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Seven hours on Saturday, 8:45 to 4:15, and a full eight on Sunday, 9:30 to 6. Saturday was more or less typical, a combination of waiting on customers and packing out some leftover freight from the day before. Sunday was different, however, as along with a few other people I was reassigned to the hardware department to help deal with an enormous freight backlog. It hadn’t been possible to pack out any freight for over a week due to the installation of new shelving. I wasn’t bad work, I certainly got a great deal done, unfortunately due to air duct pattern two of the hardware aisles were much hotter than the rest of the store!

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