Monday, August 24 – Thursday, August 27

I survived. Somehow. 

These weren’t among the easiest days of my life, to put it very mildly. Granted, Monday wasn’t too bad. I went to a new work site for my regular job and found it pretty decent. It wasn’t far from the site where I had gone on Monday and Tuesday of last week but is a couple bad traffic lights closer to Sunrise Highway, so the drive there was about ten minutes less. Funny the time difference a couple of lights can make. Both days at that site, on Monday and Tuesday, we’re reasonably easy. Wednesday and Thursday I was at a site off the Long Island Expressway, about a 25-minute drive each way. Given the nature of this site things didn’t go quite as smoothly as at the prior one, but all in all they were okay.
What was not okay is that except on Monday I worked very long hours at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. 6pm to midnight on Tuesday and Wednesday, 4:30 to 8:30 on Thursday. All that work was pretty devastating, and even now, on Friday evening, I’m not fully.recovered. Maybe if they had been easy shifts it would have been more manageable, but they were most assuredly not easy. I had mountains of freight to pack out, and as I usually was the only employee on duty in the garden department I had to do customer service work and of course there was no one to help me with freight.

On a better note, my hours at the MHIR for the next two weeks will be more reasonable. And on Monday, the only one-job day out of the four, I had a pretty decent gym session. I did cable rows, my current back exercise, as well as shoulder presses.

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