Monday, September 21 – Wednesday, September 23

Three in a row = too much

All three of these days were double days for me. After working at my regular job during the day, it was off to the Major Home Improvement Retailer for job #2. Doing both jobs for three days in a row is not easy. Thankfully, I only had 4-hour shifts at the MHIR,  4:30 to 8:30 on Monday and Wednesday, 8 to midnight on Tuesday. Throwing even one 6-hour shift into the mix would have been brutal.

Monday was the toughest day because I started a new cycle at my main job and found it a major struggle. Despite taking only a single 10-minute break during the day I didn’t finish up until 3pm, which is a half-hour after my normal quitting time. Fortunately it is very unlikely that the same time squeeze will happen again during the cycle. As the work site was about 30 minutes away from the MHIR I had only an hour between jobs. Lady Luck had not completely abandoned me, however, as the MHIR shift was an easier one than usual.

Tuesday and Wednesday were much calmer days at my main job. I got my full allotted break each day and still had no trouble finishing up on time. Tuesday was (hopefully) the last time I will be staying until midnight at the MHIR, as I’ve changed my availability so I won’t have to stay past 11. Not that it would matter from October until March, when the store closes at 9 and no one works past 11. Staying to midnight this one last time wasn’t bad, as I spent much of my shift assembling Halloween displays, fairly easy work. And the several hours off between the jobs was a nice break.

By Wednesday I was a bit run down from all the work I had done. Luckily enough the day’s work site was the closest one of the four on my rotation, and the day.itself was busy but well within the limits of tolerability. The MHIR shift was hectic at times but not too bad, and in the best news of all I won’t be doing all these shifts in a row during the next two weeks.

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